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Medical Intuition Services

Distance phone or email sessions available

Experience the power of Medical Intuition!

A Medical Intuitive is a type of psychic/health practitioner that uses their intuition to connect to core issues presenting themselves in your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional lives. A universal energetic field connects us all, therefore as a medical intuitive Karmel can connect to your energetic imprint, and the issues you are trying to heal whether you are 5 feet, or 5,555 miles away.

Medical Intuition is a great way to find the underlying sources of your most difficult conditions. Often, we find that there are multiple underlying issues that hold you back from your optimum experience of health and vitality.

How does Distance Medical Intuition work?

“Some of the most magnificent healing on our planet is human to human with no one touching anyone at all!” as stated by Lee Carroll in Kryon.

Karmel is able to see inside the body as well as above and below universally to make necessary alignments.

Karmel’s passion is using Medical Intuition to empower her clients to take control of their own lives and pave the way on the golden road for  improved health, joy, freedom, prosperity and a very awesome future!

Distance Animal Balancing & Communication

Karmel offers a similar balancing service for your pet. Your pets also have similar thoughts and emotions that don’t serve them. Energy balancing for your pets releases restrictions on all levels so your four legged friends are well adjusted and happy too.

Energetic Space/Location Clearing – Distance or On Site

Energetic Space Clearing for home or office...
Energy that is stagnant affects your sacred space and your reality. Space Clearing for your home or office creates an environment that allows balance, harmony, and freshness to support your greatest aspirations! Your place of power, either home or office, is also your place of peace.

Karmel can create an environment where vitality, harmony and balance are restored by removing stagnant and interfering energies, and yes Ghosts!!!

Your sacred space is then filled with light, love and joy to support your greatest aspirations! She also specializes in clearing foreign or unseen discordant energies that can sometimes be disturbing.

Commercial clearing accelerates prosperity and harmony for the greater good of all who work there!

Perfect for real estate brokers who desire to sell their properties quickly.  Prospective clients will definitely feel peaceful energy as they view your listings. 

Karmel’s techniques for clearing allow the blessings of joy and prosperity to flow in.

Allergy and Nutritional Consultation

Distance Phone Assessment

The information is accessed through muscle testing or intuitive analysis to determine your body’s constitution, strengths and weaknesses. Often the food we eat can cause symptoms in the body that cause intolerance or allergic reactions.  A comparative review can help to get the body strong on the path to wellness.  We need the right fuel sustaining and enriching the body just as much as putting the right fuel in our vehicles to get us where we desire to go!

Seminars and Classes—The Light Connection!

Karmel’s specialty is connecting you with your inner light and passion. Enjoy a series of classes that offer a variety of life changing topics, spiritual guidance, and powerful techniques to master your life.  This framework deepens your trust, raises your consciousness, and enhances your life path!

CONTACT US for current classes and events. Ask about having classes in your town.


Call to discuss hosting enlightenment classes or healing demonstrations or events in your area! Karmel offers a free energy healing or class discount for each host sponsoring these wonderful events.

Special Service Packages

Ask about any modality combinations, special pricing  or try a Full Spectrum Consultations!

Medical Intuition Services can be done in combination with other services. Call for quote on special packages.


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Payment Options

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