Success Stories

Karmel, I was so happy that I called you and thought to ask you about helping me find my lost notebook. I was so upset that I misplaced it and searched my house for days. That notebook was critical to a program I was developing. You intuitively scanned from a distance the inside my house and told me which room it was in first and then you had me look on the right side of the room and there it was hiding in a basket! I was so amazed that you could do that from Colorado and so relieved to have it back that it immediately shifted my energy to a happy place! Thank you so much.

Cheryl M.
State of Kansas
Director of Wellness and Life coach


You have given me new insight and peace of mind into what I had perceived as difficult situations. I am creating new thought patterns about myself, Spirit, my Angels, my relationship to others, my surroundings and life in general. I am more at peace. I am finding out who I am, who I was meant to be, thanks to you!

Trisha M.
Massage Therapist
Salina, KS


You have had a large impact at this point in my life. Several old issues have been causing problems that required healing on a higher level. Several of the issues have been with me for years, others have surfaced more recently. Now they no longer exist or are in the process of being resolved.

A couple of weeks ago you provided much information that was almost identical to a dream I had a month prior. I pulled the dream out and reread it several times and thanked my guides for their providing this information to me and also for bringing you into my life to address these many issues. Your work has a very powerful and guided, yet has a subtle healing element to it and the class you taught was very moving. The visualization was beautiful, strong and real. The experience was a gift that remains with me. Hopefully with your guidance, my transformation will be smooth and comfortable.

If all of this insight happens this year, I will be a new person before year-end! Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful knowledge and healing you have provided me. In sharing your information with others, I feel they are empowered as well. You are an incredible influence in my life.

Carmen L.
Lawrence, KS


I have known Karmel for a couple of years. I attended one of her classes and have had private consultations for physical healing and past life clearing. Perhaps the most tangible–at least physical–results was the complete healing of sharp pain in my shoulder which had gone on for about a year, and for which I had been to a chiropractor and a Rolfer, both to no avail. She also has relayed loving messages to me from my husband who passed on three years ago. One of these included the “gift” of a yellow rose, which he knew was special to me, but which Karmel could not have known at that time. I consider her to be ‘my main Psychic’ to whom I turn for clarity in receiving help from my Spirit guides.”

Dorethy H.
Topeka, KS


I found great peace and harmony after my visits with Karmel. Years of bad dreams dissipated over night. My feeling of confidence, energy and joy increases with every connection with Karmel. She is my ‘feel good’ person – the person I turned to when I feel low and need a perk to the spirit.

Jawn C., Realtor 

Leawood, KS 


The guidance offered by Karmel’s angelic companions provided me with insights into solutions which reached to the core of the problem not just surface tensions. Each session that I have had has proven invaluable in my ongoing search for true purpose and the passions which will enliven and enlighten my ego self to meet my soul in this life’s undertakings. Thanks again to Karmel.

Colleen H.
Reiki Master/Teacher


I recently had a session with Karmel regarding accepting the abundance of the universe. Within the next two days I saw more new patients than the total patient count for the previous entire week! One patient telephoned for appointments and brought in three new family members with her for treatments in the same day. It works!

Dr. B., Chiropractor


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