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 Astarae Insight Consultation is committed to enhancing the quality of life by bridging integrative and the mainstream, the ordinary and the sacred.  

Experience a system of combined holistic, intuitive and integrative therapies from Pure Source Consciousness of Divine light & love to heal mind, body, spirit and your precious soul. 

Karmel Astarae, CNHP, Medical Intuitive & Bio- Energy Specialist has benefited thousands of people & pets across the country & overseas. Her twenty years of experience offers a wealth of deep knowledge & forms a very advanced spiritual toolbox to assist all your desires, concerns and questions!

With a wide range of practices addressing the vibrational levels of being, Karmel is able to incorporate an awakening for an individuals divine potential and blueprint, creating internal and external opportunities for evolution, growth, flow and positive change!

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Karmel offers powerful multi-dimensional insights while you receive powerful and positive energies from the Divine that shift and transform you.  It is a proven, convenient way to relax and receive and you can receive from anywhere in the world! 

Physical, Mental  & Emotional Benefits:

Cellular Illumination. Divine Alignment with the pure Cosmic and Earth realms.

Pain relief. Purging of  held back emotions. Underlying core causes of symptoms. Freedom from anxiety/ depression. Vital energy perfection. Improved sleep. Removal of blocks and restrictions. Unwinding trauma. Removal of harmful attachments, devices, implants & negative energetic sources.

Elimination of deep-rooted phobias. Clearing the Massive Programming of Humanity. Chakra clearing.     Inner child and Adolescent self healing. Pre & Post surgery healing. Injury release. PTSD

Spiritual Benefits:

Multi- dimension Techniques Applied for improved Health, Prosperity, Relationships and Career.

Reconnection techniques. DNA upgrades. Genetic encodement release. Family lineage clearing. Activation of healing codes. Enhance psychic gifts for greater discernment.

Healing past lives and karmic conditions. Greater sense of compassion and self love. Heart chakra divine reconnection. Opening light portals and ALL connections to The Divine Source.

Distance Energetic Space Clearing Benefits:

Conscious Transformation for living Beautifully, Naturally. 

 Energetically, everything that happens in a building – actions, thoughts and emotions – is held there like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors, and furniture.

Sadness, bad luck, depression, Arguments, shock, stress, repeated patterns of behavior and ill-health will leave ‘bad vibes’ and the energy stagnates affecting the people who live there, perpetuating the tendency for negative experiences.

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